PRI 2010: Performance Distributors Bring The Heat

At the 2010 PRI trade show in Orlando, we stopped by to see our friends at Performance Distributors to see if there were any new sparks of genius from the sultans of spark. As it turned out, Steve Davis and crew had a few new items for us to check out.

Davis started off by showing us the Tall Block Chevy DUI distributor.  According to Davis, “The tall block Chevy DUI distributor has all the things that you expect from Performance Distributors plus it has an adjustable slip collar that allows adjustability for the distributor drive to the cam gear and oil pump drive.” Davis explained that the tall block Chevy DUI distributor are hand made and only require just one wire to hook it up and blast 50,000 volts to the plugs.  Davis’ crew uses a custom calibrated advance curve to get the most out of your throttle response and top end power.

According to Davis, “The high voltage coil allows spark plug gaps to be opened up to .055″. The combination of the larger gap and longer duration spark gives a complete combustion of the fuel mixture for increased horsepower and torque.”

Watch the Performance Distributors’ PRI trade show video here:

Davis followed up by showing us the Hot Forged Dual Powered Chevy Distributor. “This distributor is perfect for those with engine compartments that are limited on space and will not allow the large cap DUI to fit,” said Davis. This system is referred to as the Dual Power Ignition because of the small diameter Hot Forged Distributor and the DUI Inferno 2 Coil. According to Davis, “The Hot Forged Distributor is designed for superior strength and accruacy because the hot forging process creates a denser and stronger distributor because the metal flows in one direction during the manufacturing.”

Lastly, Davis brought out the SOS coil which is designed for the Ford 4.6 and 5.4 Modular V8 coil on plug engines. Davis says that the difference is in the increased windings in the coil that boost the output up to as much as 40,000 volts.  When the stock unit produces 25,000 volts, the SOS coil represents a 60 percent increase in spark energy. Davis says these coils are a direct replacement for the factory coils and carry a one year warranty.

For more information on DUI Performance Distributors and their line of products, visit them at

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