We’ve already been pretty impressed with what Performance Distributors has been able to accomplish with what so many think is outdated technology. Not so! Now, Performance Distributor’s new Slip Collar Chevy D.U.I. Distributor features a cool slip collar ideal for you guys running decked heads or milled blocks.

The distributor’s 7/8ths of adjustment insures a precise fitment, while preventing engine damage from being out of alignment. Of course, Performance Distributors hand-calibrates the mechanical advance curve on their distributor machine for each distributor. If you’re looking for instant throttle response and maximum performance throughout your rpm range, Performance Distributors is a good choice.

Each distributor comes complete, including a Racing D.U.I. Coil and Dyna-Module,  which, according to Performance Distributors, will allow you to open up your plug gaps to .050” -.055” for a more complete fuel burn.

According to Performance Distributor’s site, “Magnetic pick-up coil power is insured by aligning the teeth on the pick-up to the teeth on the shaft reluctor to very exact tolerances. An additional step that also insures maximum magnetic pick-up coil power is the hand setting of the end-play between the distributor gear and the distributor housing.”