Paul Alderman’s ’73 Camaro with Mast Motorsports VVT LS Motor

Photo from Detroit Speed Inc

Paul Alderman is no stranger to sweet Camaros. Previous to starting on his current project, he teamed up with Detroit Speed Inc for a built ’69 Camaro powered by an aluminum Ramjet ZL-1. A gorgeous car, with the awards to prove it. Paul then made the next leap, into a ’73.

VVT means power AND economy.

Since he would be stepping into the next generation of the Camaro platform, it was decided to come into the next generation of power plants. Paul and the team at Detroit Speed Inc selected a 416ci LS3 from Mast Motorsports.

The engine features Variable Valve Timing, which despite its prevelance in production cars, is only now becoming more common in hot-rodded and swapped cars. This allows the Camaro to not only produce massive power, but to do so in a far more efficient manner.

The slew of improvements brought on by Detroit Speed include a full pro-touring upgrade which “…includes DSE’s Hydroformed Subframe, Subframe Connectors, our QUADRALink and Mini-Tub Kit. The Camaro will also feature the DSE Roll Cage with engine bay bars. I was lucky enough to see this Camaro tear up the autocross course at LS Fest in Bowling Green, KY. I couldn’t help be impressed by the almost complete lack or body roll, and the sick stance the car has even when sitting still.

“The car turned out to be a real purebred on the track. Now, its driver needs to bring himself to the level of the car’s capabilities.” Paul says. I say he’s being humble.


Stylish inside and out.

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