Pace Performance Packs A Punch: LQ4 To L92 Conversion Package

So, you’ve finally jumped feet first into the LS-game, gone out and purchased a second-hand ’98-08 LQ4 6.0L engine from your buddy but aren’t impressed with its total output. Well, fortunately, you aren’t alone. The 6.0L foundation is a great starting point for any LS-virgin builder. However, it’s underwhelming compression ratio and truck-like rev characteristics make it the perfect candidate for a top end upgrade.

Luckily, aftermarket powerhouses like Pace Performance have their eyes and ears close to the ground. They listened, devised and planned out an awesome package for its weekend wrenchers. Case in point, Pace Performance’s conversion package to swap the factory LQ4 top end with the better breathing, L92 cylinder heads and high-lift camshaft.

Upgrading to the more advanced and better flowing L92 cylinder heads raises compression from 9.4:1 to 10.1:1. As you’re well aware of, more compression means more power but not at the sacrifice of paying more at the pump. Paces’ top end package still allows for pump gas to fuel. What’s more, this package still makes fueling your project vehicle or daily driver with pump gas.

Pace isn’t finished there, yet, either. To bring the package full circle, Pace also includes a GMPP Hot Cam kit, which brings horsepower to over 470hp at 6,600rpm while torque is raised to 417 lb-ft at 5,000rpm. From there it’s only a matter of topping off the package with your favorite carburetor and expelling fumes with a quality set of headers to have some fun.  We’ve got the full kit details below!

Pace Pac L92 Package:

  • GMPP L92 cylinder heads
  • GM head bolt kit
  • Offset intake rocker arms
  • Exhaust rocker arms
  • Rocker support stands
  • Rocker bolts
  • Valve cover gasket
  • Valve cover bolts w/seals
  • Spark plugs
  • GMPP L92 4-barrel intake
  • GMPP Hot Cam Kit
  • GM lifter set
  • Front cover gasket
  • Water pump gasket
  • Front crank seal
  • Intake gasket
  • Head gasket
  • Edelbrock 24X Ignition Controller

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