United Pacific Releases 1970 Chevelle LED Sequential Tail Light

New from United Pacific – their LED Sequential Tail Light for the 1970 Chevy Chevelle. This tail light features 48 LED lights that can operate in a wide variety of sequences. See more details below.

Official Release:

United Pacific Industries is expanding their sequential tail lights product line with an LED Sequential Tail Light for the 1970 Chevy Chevelle.

The tail light insert for the 1970 Chevelle is comprised of 48 super bright red LED lights that can function in a sequential left, sequential right or with the sequential function turned completely off. A switch integrated into the tail light power board turns the sequential function on or off, giving the user the option of selecting the sequential function. The lights come with a sequential brake attention function as well. To eliminate the need for any rewiring, the lights plug directly into the original bulb socket of the 1157 plug. Inserted snugly into the existing housing, United Pacific’s lights are sealed by the original gaskets. The lights have a weather proof circuit board designed between 7.7 and 14.0 VDC. Sequential tail lights should be ordered separately with product #110157 for the left side and #110158 for the right side. United Pacific Industries carries a lifetime warranty for the 1970 Chevy Chevelle Sequential Tail Light.

United Pacific Industries recommends item #90652, an LED Flasher designed to convert conventional lighting to LED lighting as well as no-flashing or fast-flashing issues when converting to newer LED lights.

“Our goal at United Pacific Industries is to offer our customers a simple plug and play, user-friendly installations process. We’re giving muscle car owners the ability to easily customize their ride by adding a modern look and touch to their classic muscle car,” said Jai Baek, Marketing Director for United Pacific Industries.


  • Comprised of 48 super bright red LED lights
  • Plugs directly into the original bulb socket
  • Weather proof circuit board

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