New from TCI – their 4x Four-Speed Auto Transmissions. These transmissions are easy to install and allow the use of a popular 4L80E or 700R4 transmission with non-GM applications. See more details below.

Official Release:

TCI has expanded its drivetrain lineup with the new 4x Four-Speed Auto Transmission series that allows the use of a popular 4L80E or 700R4 transmission with non-GM performance applications.

Both the 4L80E-based and 700R4-based versions of the 4x Four-Speed feature an SFI-spec adapter bellhousing for easy installation of the transmission behind a Small or Big Block Ford, Ford Mod, Small or Big Block Chrysler, Gen III Hemi, Buick, Pontiac, Olds or GM engine.

The electronic overdrive 4x Four-Speed Auto Transmission, Electronic 4L80E-based also includes an adapter flexplate that uses the engine crankshaft bolt pattern and the GM torque converter pattern. It is rated to 875 HP and can be used with an original GM transmission controller or a TCI EZ-TCU.

The fully mechanical 4x Four-Speed Auto Transmission, Non-electronic 700R4-based also includes an adapter flexplate, transmission cooler, dipstick and all necessary hardware. It is designed with street rodders in mind and will be sold in two power levels: 550 HP and 750 HP. Application-specific kits do not require a transmission controller and use a
Constant Pressure Valve Body, eliminating the chance of transmission failure due to a misadjusted TV cable and providing more freedom when setting part throttle shift points. A compact design means the transmission will fit in most applications without the need for tunnel modifications.


  • Adapter bellhousing for installation behind non-GM engines
  • Electronic 4L80E-based can be used with original GM controller or TCI EZ-TCU
  • Non-electronic 700R4-based does not require transmission controller