Performance Distributors is proud to offer their new Chevy Tall Block D.U.I. Distributor for Tall Block engines produced from 1958-1965, such as the 348, 409, 427 and or 454.  This distributor comes with the Street/Strip D.U.I. Coil and a Dyna-Module that allows the user to further open the plug gaps and efficiently burn more fuel.

Official Release:

Tall Block Chevy D.U.I. Distributor

Performance Distributors new Chevy Tall Block D.U.I. Distributor features a slip collar with 7/8” of adjustability.  This is great if you have decked your heads or milled your block, which changes the distance between where your distributor rests on the intake and where it meshes with your cam gear.  This will insure a precise installation, while preventing engine damage from the distributor being out of alignment.  The Chevy Tall Block D.U.I. is an excellent choice for the original 348-409-427-454 Tall Block engines produced from 1958-’65.

It is also a great bolt-on for both the ZZ-572 620 HP & ZZ-572 720 HP Crate Engines, both which have Tall Deck Big Blocks.

Performance Distributors calibrates the advance curve on a distributor machine which optimizes the advance curve providing  instant throttle response and maximum performance throughout your rpm range.  Pinpoint accuracy will be achieved by coordinating your mechanical advance with the proper vacuum advance.

The distributor comes complete, including the dependable  Street/Strip  D.U.I. Coil (or Racing Coil) and Dyna-Module which allow you to open up your plug gaps to .050”-.055”, burning your fuel more completely.  Magnetic pick-up coil power is insured by aligning the teeth on the pick-up to the teeth on the shaft reluctor to very exact tolerances.  An additional step that also insures maximum magnetic pick-up coil power is the hand setting of the end-play between the distributor gear and the distributor housing.  Proper lubrication of the D.U.I. distributor, along with test firing of the electronic components, provide you with not only an excellent performing ignition system, but also with a very reliable one. Of course, this unit also incorporates our brass terminal cap and rotor, available in red, blue, black, yellow, or clear.