New Viking StreetRod 2450 Welding Helmet Offered by Lincoln Electric

Forms of welding have been around for centuries, but lucky for us, the art of joining pieces of metal together is no longer as complicated as heating and hammering by a blacksmith. However, more modern types of welding bring hazards to the job, like dangerous light emissions. That’s why Lincoln Electric offers their new Viking StreetRod 2450 Welding Helmet. Not only does this piece of equipment protect your eyes from damage with its auto-darkening feature, it is also lightweight and comes with several lenses for use in a variety of areas.

Official Release:

Viking StreetRod 2450 Welding Helmet – K3035-1

VIKING solar-powered auto-darkening helmets are loaded with features, built to demanding specs and packaged with a host of accessories.

  • Continuously variable control – For shade and sensitivity.
    • 9-13 Shade Control – Internal
    • Sensitivity – Adjustable for different welding environments.
    • Delay – Adjustable from dark back to light state.
  • Light weight – 21.0 oz. (595 g)
  • Grind mode – Great for weld prep or post-weld clean up activities.
  • Magnifying ‘cheater’ lens capable
  • Hard hat adapter capable
  • Extra Cover Lenses Enclosed – (2) inside and (5) outside.

Top Features:

  • Auto Darkening Welding hood with 4×5 in. cartridge and 3.82 x 2.44 in viewing area
  • Infinite control of Shade, Sensitivity and delay
  • 4 Arc Sensors
  • Magnifying Cheater lens capable
  • Hard Hat Adapter Capable

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