Are you building a stroker engine and want more flexibility when it comes to selecting your camshaft? Then look no further than the Ultra XD Connecting Rod from Callies Performance Products. This new connecting rod not only allows you to select a larger lobe/ base circle/ lift camshaft, it also provides greater rod to camshaft clearance for better valve train performance.

Official Release:

Ultra Xd Press Release

This unique (Patent Pending) design provides greater flexibility in camshaft selection for your next stroker engine build. The canted housing design of the Ultra Xd will allow a larger lobe/base circle/lift camshaft to be selected. By providing greater rod to cam clearance, Ultra Xd rods can improve the performance of your valve train. Ultra Xd rods are available for LS1, SBC and BBC engine families. Every Ultra rod is machined from premium Timken 4330 steel and are intended for severe duty applications.


  • Provides greater camshaft selection flexibility for your stroker engine build
  • Allows a larger lobe/base circle/lift camshaft to be selected
  • Provides greater rod to camshaft clearance
  • Available for LS1, SBC and BBC engine families