C6 Mamba Air Intake System from Zip-Corvette

Increasing the amount of cold air getting to your Corvette’s engine is key to getting optimal performance. Now you can get just that with the C6 Corvette Mamba Air Intake System from Zip Products Inc. Not only will this system channel more cold air into your engine, Zip claims it will also give you noticeable power gains.

Official Release:

Zip Corvette’s exclusive C6 Carbon Fiber Air Intake System takes cue from NASCAR, Indy

Following the lead of the big names in racing, Zip Corvette’s exclusive C6 Corvette Mamba Air Intake System is made from 100% Carbon Fiber and is cured in an autoclave to insure the strongest and most durable Corvette air intake system available. The same materials and method are used in manufacturing HD carbon parts on Daytona Prototype bodies, Indycar chassis and NASCAR brake ducts.

The Mamba Air Intake takes advantage of its design by squeezing as much air as possible into the throttle body without the use of a supercharger. The Mamba’s washable air filter is one of the largest in the Corvette industry, which has been custom designed for maximum airflow. The Mamba Air Intake has shown dyno-proven power improvements of 20+ rear wheel horsepower when utilized with the Mamba Air Intake Scoop, also exclusive to Zip.

Developed alongside the Mamba Air Intake Box, the scoop allows the Mamba to achieve it’s full potential by ramping fresh air from the front of your C6 Corvette directly into the opening of the Mamba air intake box.

Zip’s Mamba Air Intake System is a direct bolt on for all 2006-2012 LS7 equipped and 2008-2012 LS3 equipped Corvettes. The Mamba can also be retrofitted to the 2005-2007 LS2 equipped Corvettes. Zip also carries the necessary tuning and programming equipment to make proper use of the increased air flow at wide open throttle.

Now all C6 Corvettes can take advantage of the power gain associated with the Mamba Air Intake System without having to incur the cost of custom programming.


  • Made of 100% Carbon Fiber cured in an autoclave for added strength and durability
  • Washable air filter, one of the largest in the Corvette Industry, designed to give your car maximum airflow
  • Dyno-proven to make power improvements of 20+rwhp when using the Mamba Air Intake Scoop
  • Direct bolt on for all 2006-2012 LS7 and 2008-2012 LS3 Corvettes


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