New Info on the Record Setting Redline Motorsports ZL1

A few weeks ago we brought you the story of Redline Motorsports record setting quarter mile run. With a blazing time of 10.32 at over 134 MPH Redline can currently say that they have the quickest ZL1 in the world. Now, after talking with the guys from Redline we have a few more details about the record setting ZL1 to share with you.

There was never any doubt that the Redline ZL1 had a few upgrades when they turned in that low 10 second pass, but what we were surprised to find out is just how relatively mild the modifications to the car really are. They started with more boost via an ATI drive pulley and an LPE supercharger pulley. A hot bumpstick from COMP helps move that extra air through the stock cylinder heads with a duration of 231/248. Bigger injectors, American Racing headers, additional capacity in the air-to-water intercooler, and a nice 3600 stall converter round out the modifications Redline performed. Sure, that’s a lot of modifications, but you’ve got to admit that there are plenty of cars running around with crazier combos that aren’t nearly as quick. Heck, the Redline ZL1 even still uses the stock exhaust from the catalytic converters back.

When all was said and done, Redline reports that their ZL1 turned out just over 650 horsepower to the rear wheels on 93 octane gas. That power level may have given them the record for now, but the ZL1 battles are just getting started, with all the top tuners developing their own ZL1 packages. In fact, Redline is using this ZL1 to develop their own “HTR-ZLR Camaro” that is slated to be packing 725 horsepower and will be available with a full warranty through Tropical Chevrolet in Florida.

The guys at Redline are telling us that 9’s are starting to look more and more like a possibility with this car. Lately their ZL1 has been cutting 60-foot times as low as 1.54. Once they get everything ironed out, who knows how fast this thing might go. Keep it tuned here for more info on the Redline ZLR’s development as it becomes available.

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