We're already getting the Commodore-based Chevy SS sedan - why not just send over the wagon and ute versions too?

We’re trying not to get our hopes up too much, but it’s looking more and more likely that we will actually get a new El Camino and Nomad from Chevrolet. Back in December we reported that General Motors had filed trademark applications for both nameplates with the U.S. patent office, and now we’re getting a look at two Holdens that could fit the bill very well for both models.

With V8 power, rear-wheel-drive, and tons of cargo space, we'd buy one of these in a heart beat....if the price was right, of course.

There’s no doubt that you’re already familiar with the new Chevy SS 4-door sedan we will be getting later this year, which is based off the all new Holden VF Commodore. Not surprisingly, Aussies will also be able to purchase new wagon and ute versions of the Commodore as they have in the past. When you really think about it, these two V8-powered, rear-wheel-drive models would make perfect sense as a new Chevy Nomad and El Camino. Besides, we’re already getting the sedan – why not just send over the wagon and the ute along with it?  

Now, we know that we’ve been down this road before. But before you get jaded and dismiss the possibility of a new Nomad and El Camino as just more blogosphere rumor mongering, consider that in October of last year GM execs promised that there would be a total of 13 models released in 2013 – including a few “surprises.” At this point it wouldn’t surprise us at all if a revised Nomad and El Camino finally became a reality at Chevrolet. How about you?