New Dyno Videos Going Up All the Time on Dynojet’s Facebook Page

Dyno day is probably one of the most exciting days at a shop. It means that new modifications have been done, and now it’s just a few tweaks to get everything honed in before you take to the open road in your modified ride. To celebrate this day, Dynojet is constantly uploading dyno videos to their Facebook page. Give them a “Like” and check out all the dyno action from Dynojet customers.

You’ve heard the saying, if you want it done right, you’ve got to do it yourself. Well that’s exactly what Dynojet has done over the years, developing and perfecting dynamometers to fit their testing needs. What has resulted is not only industry leading performance products for the automotive and motorcycle aftermarkets, but also superior diagnostic tools.

Shops all across the country now use Dynojet’s products, as do several professional race teams. With dyno videos constantly uploaded to Dynojet’s Facebook page, you can get a glimpse at some of the powerful machines that are being tested using Dynojet products on a regular basis. And we’re not talking you’re mom’s minivan here. We’re talking about uber built rides, supercars, race bikes and more in videos like the one you see above.

Don’t risk missing out on all the dyno action going down on Dynojet’s Facebook page. Head on over to the social networking site, give Dynojet a “Like” and get access to all kinds of killer dyno testing videos from one of the most well-known research and development companies in the industry.

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