Make It Stick: Traction Bars And Subframe Connectors From CPP

The chassis and suspension of a car is only designed to take so much horsepower in its stock form, so when you start adding power these components will struggle to use it. To get the most out of your spirited driving, adding chassis and suspension parts are a must or you will be left just spinning your wheels. Bolting on a set of traction bars and subframe connectors will tie your car together and aid in putting power to the ground every time you mash the loud pedal.

Unibody cars rolled off the assembly line with small four and six-cylinder engines or low output V8 powerplants, so when you start pouring the power to them they will twist like a pretzel. According to Cathy White from Classic Performance Products, a set of sub-frame connectors like the ones they offer will eliminate chassis flex and plant the tires better.

“By adding a set of subframe connectors to the vehicle, it will maintain the geometry it was originally designed with by the manufacturer. This will improve traction as it keeps the weight planted to the tires in a more even manner.”

If your car is still rocking a set of leaf springs, traction bars might be something you want to add to make it perform and ride better. A set of traction bars will help prevent wheel hop while at the track and keep a comfortable ride with the adjustability they offer. The Classic Performance Products traction bars allow for pre-load to be adjusted and use D-spec bushings to keep road noise down.

Check out Classic Performance Products website right here to see their full line of subframe connectors and traction bars you can add to your car at home with just a few simple hand tools!

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