Latest, Laser Sharp Pics Of Mostly Naked C7 ZR1 Hit Web


Tall hood bulge says “Big Blower” to us. Front styling has been revised to calm hot running monster motors. All Pics Courtesy of Motor 1

Motor 1 posted some REALLY clear pics of a C7 ZR1 mule lapping the “Green Hell” of the Nürburgring and they’re the best glimpse yet of Chevy’s super ‘Vette. Captured frolicking around the track in the automotive equivalent of a swirly camo “nightie,” all the styling tweaks–revised front fascia with improved cooling and gigantic wing–are clearly visible.

As we’ve speculated before, when the Camaro ZL1 1LE revealed itself to be a copy of the 2010 Camaro SSX concept car, we called the new ZR1 as the twin to the Z06X Corvette concept of the same year.  These pics cement–to us anyway–that we are dead nuts on the money.


C7 ZR1 8

Could have ZR1 been in plain view since 2010 with the Corvette Z06X Concept? Upper Pic GM, Lower Pic Courtesy of Motor 1

Where the Camaro ZL1 1LE is mostly a suspension and brake package–and a whopping three second faster than base ZL1 around a track–we expect the ZR1 to use that strategy as well and then add a large displacement blower or a mysterious multi-valve V8. While we’re pretty sure about the ZR1 being the spiritual successor of the Z06x concept, the motor details are still murky and shrouded in secrecy. Look for horsepower well above the Z06’s current 650hp.

The C7 ZR1 is a big deal and these pics confirm it’s damn near ready to be unleashed on the world, so when will we see the ZR1?

C7 ZR1 Rotator 2

All Pics Courtesy of Motor 1

This Is What We’re Guessing:

When the Carbon 65 Corvette and 2018 Ordering Guide dropped a week ago, there was nothing mentioned about the ZR1, but Chevy hinted that, “all 2018 Corvettes would debut in summer 2017…”

Veteran journalist Don Sherman of Car and Driver implied that it might debut at Road America in August while Motor 1 says “Expect to see the ZR1 in August at the 2017 Continental Tire Road Race Showcase IMSA event. ” All this speculation matches up with aforementioned crumb that Chevy offered up.

So, here at Corvette Online, we say we are 120 days out from ZR1 reveal. For us ‘Vette fans it can come soon enough.

C7 ZR1 2

All Pics Courtesy of Motor 1

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