Hey all, please welcome our new wheel and fitment guru Judah “JB” Burke to Corvette Online!  His reoccurring column, “Keepin’ it In The Fenders” will tackle all your questions about getting the right stance and look with tires, rims and offsets on your Corvette…With no further ado, here’s Judah!

Dave Cruikshank – Editor, Corvette Online

C6 Grand Sport, ZR1, and Z06 can run 11″ wide front wheels and 13″ rear wheels while “Keepin’ It In The Fenders”

Alright my fellow Corvette connoisseurs! It’s time to suit up, strap in and prepare for race season!

I’ve received multiple calls and emails lately regarding C6 Grand Sport, ZR1, and Z06 fitments. With the C7 and soon to be C8, the C6 GS and Z06/ZR1 have become a much more affordable option to entry level Corvette buyers and commensurately, has generated alot of intetest in customizing these cars for better looks and performance.

From Road Coarse to Auto X these fitments are tried and true.

With that being said let’s get down to the nitty gritty, “What’s the biggest tire I can fit under the factory fenders of my C6 Corvette?”

Well there are two options up front, 295/30/18, and 315/30/18. Both will get the job done, but depending on driving style and availability, the 315/30/18 reigns supreme. Either one of the choices work best on an 18×11” wheel, most aftermarket wheel companies can even get an 18” wheel over the ZR1 Carbons.

Don’t let the carbon brakes steer you away from 18″ wheels, there are several wheel company’s that can accommodate your needs.

So a big brake kit is not a deal breaker!

I do always recommend having your brake kit template handy for your wheel salesman, you will want them to double and triple check clearance. Nothing worse than receiving your custom wheels, and hearing that “Dink” noise as your caliper hits the back of the spokes.

Now on to the rears, this choice is an easy one. 345/35/18, readily available by many tire manufactures. Cost has also dropped over the years with the huge demand increase. 18×13” is the best bet for the 345/35/18 tire, most of the wheel companies will have the offset/backspacing numbers down to a science.

Well, back to the salt mines! Tune in next time when we dive into, offset and backspacing.