Those who know their Corvette history will instantly recognize Peter Brock; his contribution to Y-body history included penning the design that would become the first Sting Ray, and as the last living member of the team responsible for what many people consider the most beautiful generation of Corvettes, he felt the time was right to put together a book detailing his memories.


leno2Corvette Sting Ray: Genesis of an American Icon is a 144 page, profusely illustrated look back at the creation of the iconic second gen Corvette, and speaking of “the time is right,” we’re glad to see that with Leno’s departure (again) from the Tonight Show, the comedian-slash-talk-show-host-slash-ultimate-car-guy is devoting more time to the Jay Leno’s Garage video series. As Leno says in the introduction, “Remember, no self-help, no weight loss, just the stuff that rolls, explodes, and makes noise” for his book club.

While we’re all in favor of consuming your car information and entertainment online, there’s just something reassuring about holding something lovingly crafted from dead trees, turning the pages, and smelling the ink – in some ways, it’s the literary equivalent of enjoying an old car. So have a look at the video, see a bit of Corvette history, and maybe make an investment in print as a gift for yourself.