Indy 500 Festival Camaros Revealed with Pace Car Announcement Soon

The Camaro has always been an important part of the Indianapolis 500 race, pacing seven of the races since 1967. With the 2012 running of the Indianapolis 500 coming up next month, many people are eager to hear what the official pace car will be. Unfortunately, the official announcement has not been made yet, but as we found out from, there are plenty of Camaros commissioned as Indianapolis Festival Cars recently unveiled to ogle over for the meantime. And by plenty, we mean a whole stable full.

The 2012 Indianapolis Festival Cars consist of mostly Camaro convertibles with just a couple hard-top coupes. These cars will be used to transport track officials and VIPs around the event, and it’s a safe bet that the yet to be revealed pace car will be much different.

The convertible cars are all 2SS L99/6L80E models with a couple clad in the RS package. All the drop-tops feature all black interiors to match their black convertible tops. The two coupes are set to be used by the state police and are of the 2SS/RS variety, featuring all grey interiors. One of the two coupes was even spotted sporting 21-inch dealer option rims.

As you can see, the blue on white paint scheme of the Camaros is stunning in the sun. The simple yet distinct look is reminiscent of the first Indy Camaro pace cars and is sure to attract attention at the upcoming race on May 27th.

While the festival cars are all Camaros, we’re not quite sure if the official 2012 pace car will follow suit. The fifth-generation Camaro has been used for the past three years to pace the Indianapolis 500, but spokesman for Indianapolis Motor Speedway Doug Boles told Indy Star last week that this year’s pace car could either be a Camaro or a Corvette.

Either way, we’ll be happy campers.

The official announcement of the 2012 Indianapolis 500 pace car is set to come this week. Once it’s announced, you can be sure to see it covered here. So while you wait, check out the full 2012 Indianapolis 500 Festival Car Camaro photo gallery below.


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