Impressive Car Chase Scene Takes Toy Cars to a Whole New Level

When it comes to movies with automotive stars and stunts, there are plenty to choose from. But if you’re ready to stir up your perception of car movies, this less-traditional film might just be the ticket. Sent to us by its creators, Paul Greer and Brenden Kent, we just couldn’t get enough of the high-performance cars, chase scenes and collisions that occur in this 2 minute and 30 second film, but we’ll let you judge it all for yourselves. Check out the unique car movie created using toy cars and classic stop-motion filming above.

Filmed using an iPhone and the Stop Motion HD Application, what takes just two and a half minutes to watch took the creators nearly six months to shoot. That’s because with stop-motion films, every tiny movement must be specifically planned and shot, causing toy car flips and police chase footage to take a compilation of hundreds of shots. And with as much details as Greer and Kent included, it’s no doubt this film was one hefty project.

Called “Nitro Warriors,” the mini film features a fairly simple plot with one classic Mustang finding itself the subject of an intense police chase down a busy highway in the middle of someone’s living room. With buildings made of bottles and random shoes placed along the roadsides, the film follows the high-speed chase as the Mustang comes in contact with other drivers, semi trailers, buses and even a train, wrecking havoc on the miniature highway scene. If you look close, you might even see some modern Chevys headed to an area dealership.

While the “ordinary” cop cars can’t quite seem to keep up with the ‘Stang right from the start, an unexpected hero car, a sparkly new Corvette cop car, comes to the rescue, determined to keep the Mustang from causing any more trouble. Chasing the Mustang outside the city limits, the Corvette looks like it will get the best of the protagonist, pulling stunts like jumping car carriers and weaving in and out of obstacles.

Unfortunately, the Mustang escapes, squeezing in front of a train at the last second, cutting the Corvette off from his chase. When police finally catch up with the pony car, it’s headed for the local landing strip, where being caught is guaranteed, until…..

Yes, this movie is so well executed that we’re going to make you watch it to find out what happens.

With as much effort was put into incorporating powerful engine and tire noises, including different ones for each car, and stunts like burnouts and flips, this movie is well worth taking a peak at during your morning coffee break or afternoon amp-up. Chances are, you’ll find yourself with one heck of a conversation piece once you’re finished.

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