Home-Built Heroes: Check Out This Trio Of Street And Track Terrors

If there is one thing we enjoy, it’s looking at the cars you guys have or are building. Each week we get images from around the world showing some really cool rides. So, because we don’t want to be known as guys that do not share, we thought we would put a few of the more recent submissions together and let the rest of you take a look. So, sit back, enjoy the view, and if you get the urge, don’t forget to send us a couple images and the pertinent information about your car.


One very cool Nostalgia racer.

Bel Air Beast

Our first highlighted submission is this gorgeous ’62 Bel Air that was sent to us by Jason Meredith. “My dad found the car in 1981. It was sitting in a salvage yard in Evansville, Indiana, and he paid $200 for the car. I even got to ride home in it.” He said. Jason told us that the reason the Meredith men liked this car, was because his father previously owned one back in the ‘70s.

Home-BuiltThe engine is 454 cubic-inches of fire-breathing tire fryer, and taking that abuse is a Turbo 400 transmission. Behind that is a rearend taken from a 1956 Olds. The car is running 5.13 gears, and still stops with the help of drum brakes. “It has a fiberglass hood, and was done and finished in 1988,” Jason told us. It runs 6.80 in the eighth-mile and 10.80 in a quarter-mile.

Muscle Squared

Dennis Holm’s ’78 Malibu might not scream musclecar to some of you, but with the 383 cubic-inch small-block under the hood delivering 425 horsepower, it’s got plenty of muscle. “I bought the car in 2002. Back then, it was a project car for the Carson Newman College body shop. Behind the stroker is a rebuilt Turbo 350 transmission, and finishing the drivetrain is the stock rearend with a limited-slip differential,” said Dennis.


We’re not one to say that post-’70 cars can’t be cool rides.

The color is black with the addition of burgundy metal flake, and the interior is done in a black tweed material.

Some of the other touches that Dennis added were Spohn suspension parts, he rebuilt the dash and installed some new gauges to help monitor the engine better, and then mounted a B&M Quick Silver shifter in a new console to control the car’s ups and downs.

One Super Nova

We’ll finish this week’s edition of Home-Built Heroes with Kevin Westbrook’s ’72 Nova SS. “I was looking for a Chevy musclecar with a back seat so the kids could ride along. A good friend and coworker knew this car that was going up for sale. That was about three years ago,” he said.


Under the hood, you’ll find a 468ci engine with Brodix heads and Jesel shaft-style rockers. Behind that is a Turbo 400 transmission with a 3,200-stall converter. The car also features Detroit Speed mini tubs and a Moser 9-inch rearend with 35 spline axles. The rear uses a set of Caltrac bars and frame connectors, tubular a-arms, and drag shocks.


Big power in a small package.

Do you want to read about more Home-Built Heroes? All you need to do is click here. If you own a Home-Built Hero, we want to hear about it. Since we’ve started the series, we have received more than a few candidates, but we still want to see more – we can never get enough.

If you want to see more cars built by you the readers, send us a few pictures of your car showing the engine, interior, and exterior, along with all of the pertinent information, and we’ll make you Internet famous. You can send your submissions to chevyhardcore@powerautomedia.com.

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