Home-Built Hero: Ryan Eade’s Third-Gen Camaro

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The car has its original paint from ’85, but he put the early ’90s spoiler on the back. Since the roof was faded and the hood was replaced, he just wrapped them in satin black and loves the look.

Ryan Eade found the perfect way to get his car featured on Chevy Hardcore. He sent in some images of his third-gen Camaro, all the information about it, and he even stroked our egos by saying, “Hey guys, you do an amazing job with the Home-Built Heroes, so I thought I would enter my car.” It worked.

Third Gen

The interior was rebuilt with parts from Hawks Motorsports, and Ryan added an Alpine Stereo system.

Ryan followed that by saying, “I found the car one day while I was online searching through some for sale ads. I had a ‘85 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, but I wanted something in better shape and not as heavy. I knew the second I saw the car I had to have it.” Ryan also tells us that he and the guy he bought the car from have become best friends.


Ryan affirmed that by telling us, “Ben helped me do a few upgrades, and I’ve put many hours into building it and have loved every minute of it.” But this third gen is not just a pretty face. Ryan also takes the car to a nearby dragstrip to have it stretch its legs once in a while. He stated, “Just before I made that first pass at the drag strip, I was so nervous and was going to take it easy. What happened was, when the green light lit, I was all out to the floor and have been addicted ever since.”


Ryan aslo tells us that he has never been married and has no children, so building the car has been something that he has enjoyed and we all need something we can take pride in.  Ryan lives in Ontario, Canada, and bought the Camaro six years ago and rebuilt it at home in a single-car garage.

He installed a Dart 427ci small-block that he tells us is pushing 530 horsepower and 570 lb./ft. of torque. Behind that is a Hughes Performance 700R4 with a 3,000-stall converter, and he is still running the 7.5-inch rearend, although it has been rebuilt and beefed up with Moser axles and a stud girdle holding in a set of 3:73 gears.

He rebuilt the rear suspension with a set of QA1 double-adjustable shocks and coils with adjustable lower control arms, torque arm, and panhard bar, and finished it off with frame connectors. It’s got a six-point rollbar for safety.


Ryan finished by stating, “So far, the best run to date is 11.4 at 119 mph, but I’ve since upgraded my 750 carburetor to an 850 Quick Fuel. I’m hoping the extra air and fuel makes a difference.”

Third gen

Do you want to read about more Home-Built Heroes? All you need to do is click here. If you own a Home-Built Hero, we want to hear about it. Since we’ve started the series, we have received more than a few candidates, but we still want to see more – we can never get enough. If you want to see more cars built by you the readers, send us a few pictures of your car showing the engine, interior, and exterior, along with all of the pertinent information, and we’ll make you Internet famous. You can send your submissions to chevyhardcore@powerautomedia.com.

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