Home-Built Hero: Paul Wrighton’s ’73 Corvette Is A Gorgeous Cruiser


The wheels are from American Racing, and the tires BFGoodrich TA’s. One of the first upgrades Paul did, was to install the side pipes.

When it comes to owning a classic car, there are two distinct avenues that dictate what is parked in the garage. One has the owner preferring cars that retain a factory look and feel, while the other camp prefer cars that have an upgraded pedigree. It’s a personal preference, and no choice is a bad one. Paul Wrighton is a member of the second group, as evidenced by his ’73 Corvette.

Even when an enthusiast prefers to have a modified mode of enjoyable transportation, the finished project usually starts out closer to stock. “It is an L-82-powered car with a four-speed. I bought the Corvette in 1976, and at the time, it was all original. Since then, I have done a lot of modifications,” he stated. Adding to the appearance is the addition of an L-88 hood and a fiberglass front bumper that replaces the rubber one. “I replaced the hood, because I like the style and it helps the engine breathe better. I put the fiberglass bumper on the car, because the rubber ones never stay straight.”


Paul says he wanted the L82 small-block, because of the better cylinder heads that have 202 and 194-inch valves, and because of the stronger bottom end’s four bolt mains. He also feels the small-block-powered cars handle better than those with the big-block.

Adding to the already-respectable performance, the engine received a set of Hooker headers, an Edelbrock intake with a Holley carburetor, and an MSD ignition system. Paul also told us that there are some internal upgrades as well, but didn’t elaborate. The transmission is an M21 Muncie four-speed, and the rearend gear ratio is 3.55.


The interior is leather, and features an aftermarket steering wheel, sound system, and a Hurst Super Shifter.

Like many people, Paul finding the car was not filled with an exciting tale of pursuit and mayhem. In actuality, it was uneventful and easy – which isn’t always a bad thing. He found the Corvette for sale while relaxing and reading the local newspaper, and he believes he is the second owner. “I chose this car because I like the body style. When the C3 Corvette came out in 1968, I just always wanted to have one,” said Paul. He also said that he always wanted his car to be a small-block example, so mission accomplished.


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