Home-Built Hero: Glenn Halperin’s ’67 C10 Pickup


The 15×6 stock steel wheels are surrounded by Hankook Optimo tires, and ’68 Chevrolet car hub caps complete the look.

There are many reasons why enthusiasts take on a project. Usually, it is because there is a special connection to a childhood memory or experience. Sometimes, it’s just because the urge moved them. Glenn Halperin falls into that later category when the urge moved him to build this C10.


“It was a total spur of the moment thing. I’ve always liked the C10 trucks, and I had been thinking about finding a truck for trips to the local hardware store and things like that,” he said. The project got underway on July 5th, 2016 when Glenn and a friend were discussing how cool C10’s are, and that it would be nice to have one. The duo had seen some nice examples covered with patina at the LA Roadster Show, and that is when Glenn started looking on Craigslist.


Definitely spartan, even for 1967 standards.

As usual, most of what he found was either junk with too many cheesy updates, or very nice trucks that were too expensive. He eventually decided to expand his search nationwide, and immediately found this truck listed online in the Scottsdale area. “I knew that it was a good find, and I started emailing the owner with questions. I bought it the following morning, and that afternoon I had it shipped home and had the truck in possession the following morning,” he told us.


Every project has a beginning.

This cool C10 has 56,000 miles on the odometer, and it came from the factory as heater delete. It’s the Southwest, who needs a heater? The original owner received an $18 credit for that deletion. In keeping with the patina-clad fad that has swept the hobby, the original paint has been polished, polished some more, and finally, polished again.

When it came time to decide how to motorvate the little hauler, Glenn decided that a 396 big-block that he had from another truck would be the perfect choice. The engine was rebuilt to nearly stock specs, with the addition of a VooDoo hydraulic camshaft. A mandrel-bent stainless exhaust system with x-pipe and Magnaflow mufflers exhale through tailpipes tucked into the corners of rear fenders. Behind that is a Saginaw three-speed transmission with a Borg Warner, cable operated R10 overdrive unit.

When he was contemplating what to do with the interior, Glenn’s pick-em-up is the epitome of basic. You won’t find a stereo, heater, air condition, power windows or seats. What you will find is the original Fawn paint, steering wheel, bench seat, and driver’s side-only sun visor.


But, Glenn did do some upgrades in regard to the suspension. Up front, you’ll find Early Classic Enterprises 2 1/2-inch drop spindles, disc brakes and springs, Bilstein shocks, and Energy Suspension urethane bushings. The rear features a Performance Online trailing arm crossmember with adjustable mounts for pinion-angle setting, and Classic Performance Products’ 5-inch lowering springs and C-notch kit. The rearend is the stock 12-bolt with 2.76 gears.


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