Holley-Equipped 1,400hp ’55 Chevy “X-BOX” Sure to Dominate


Holley Performance Products offers industry-leading carburetors for a variety of applications, as well as provides fuel injection systems, intakes, and engine dress-up components for car and truck projects alike. Among the latest unique builds that Holley’s products are being used on is the ‘55 Chevy project car known as “X-BOX.” Owned by ProRides’ Denny Terzich, this looks to be quite the build according to Holley’s Facebook page and makes use of some of the company’s famous products.

X-BOX rendering by Brian Stupski of Problem Child Kustoms Images: ProRides

Based out of North Huntington, Pennsylvania, ProRides specializes in building unique award-winning cars. That’s why it’s no surprise that one of the founders of the company, Denny Terzich, is currently working on a unique project of his own- a LSX-equipped ‘55 Chevy dubbed “X-BOX.”

While a ‘55 Chevy may not have been known as a performance track car back in the day, that’s exactly what Terzich is building his to be. Based on a custom Art Morrison Max G chassis, the Chevy will be supported by a Ridetech suspension, Currie 9-inch rear end and Wilwood 14-inch brakes when it’s done.

With performance components like these from industry leaders, you know the ‘55 will be able to be thrashed on the track with no problem. Thanks to an extremely powerful Holley-equipped LSX engine, it will do just that.

The built LSX engine features an intercooled ProCharger setup, as well as Holley’s EFI Hi-Ram intake and Dominator fuel injection system. When all is said and done, the engine will be cranking out about 1,400hp.

As you can imagine, X-BOX is going to be a force to be reckoned with on and off the track. With the custom Max G chassis, Terzich will be able to swap in and out custom links for either road racing or drag racing, making the Chevy one fierce competitor.

There is no word yet on when the project will be complete, but it has certainly come a long way from its initial rendering released early last year. No matter how long it takes, we’ll be waiting for this amazing Holley-equipped Chevy to hit the track and show us how it’s really done.

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