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If your looking to upgrade the suspension under your classic, now’s the time to check out Heidts.

What was the first thing you upgraded on your hot rod? Was it to increase the power of the engine? Probably. Maybe you installed a steeper set of gears to get to accelerate much quicker? Possibly. But, while driveline upgrades seem to get all the glory, a lot of guys focus their attention on their car’s suspension. And anytime suspension mods are contemplated, Heidts is definitely a name they consider. Whether you are upgrading the front or rear suspension, you know you’re getting quality parts from Heidts.


Heidts’ truck frames come standard with the Superide II IFS and four-link rear suspension. The frame is plasma cut and TIG welded 10 gauge steel. The Superride II front suspension is the perfect upgrade for your classic AD truck, offering the smooth ride and great handling of independent suspension.

But, what if you want to take your suspension upgrade to a level that makes it the best it can be? If that’s the case, check this out. Heidts is proud to introduce several new complete frames for popular cars and trucks, and there are plenty of options.

For starters, they offer what they consider their top-of-the-line show quality Tri-Five frame with either an independent or four link rear suspension. They even have something for you early truck guys so you can benefit from the ‘47-54 truck frame that can be built in either standard or long bed configurations. It too is available with a four-link rear suspension as standard equipment, an or optional independent rear suspension. There are also a few all-new street rod frames if that is what trips your trigger.


The Tri-Five Frame comes standard with Heidts’ PRO-G IFS and four-link rear suspension. The frame rails are 10 gauge, TIG welded, and the base model comes with IFS, power steering, adjustable coil overs, 2-inch drop spindles, a 1.25-inch sway bar, and Wilwood brakes. The triangulated four link comes standard with adjustable coilovers, rear stabilizer bar, and a 9-inch housing.

We’re also told that pricing for their new “entry level” line of truck frames starst for less than $10,000, and come loaded with their Mustang II style hub to hub kit and four-link rear suspension. You could also step up to the Superide II kit that delivers an independent rear suspension – the choice is yours. New frames are available for most popular Chevy and Ford trucks.


The all-new frame kits are sure to increase performance and the ride comfort of your jitney.

The frames are built to order, and can be customized to fit your needs. If a complete frame is not on your list, they still offer some of the finest front and rear suspensions on the market. If you want to get more information about the Heidts Superide II or Mustang II IFS frames, you can check out their website, or give their sales team a call at (800) 841-8188.

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