Greg Cullum’s ’69 Chevelle Brings Muscle Into The World Of Tomorrow

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When we first found this incredible example of a pro-tour Chevelle from High Ridge, Missouri, we knew that it was one of the best combinations of old-school muscle and new-age tech that we had seen of all the pro-tour cars that we’ve covered at CHC.

Greg Cullum of High Ridge is the proud owner of this tastefully-revamped, twin-turbo ’69 Chevelle convertible. As it stands, the pro-touring convertible harbors an all-aluminum, 540 big block with twin, 76mm turbos, and the Chevelle’s DSE front-end helps keep the convertible’s nose on the ground. The whole car sits on top of a custom chassis from Roadster Shop of Mundelein, Illinois, and a Mark Williams, carbon-fiber driveshaft connects to a 9-inch, Ford rear with an aluminum 3rd member from Mark Williams, along with a 35-spline, Wave-Trac rear diff with 4.10 gears.

The car’s door handles and side marker lights have been shaved in order to reinforce the Missouri Chevelle’s super-clean, super-solid pro-tour look, and with the interior and amenities of a brand new, luxury sedan, the classic Chevelle lives up to its sleek, late-model appearance. On top of Cullum’s 540 rat sits a Tom Nelson billet intake with 16 “hidden” injectors, and the whole thing is fueled by an Electromotive ignition and fuel management system.

The Chevelle’s 540 fuelie rat chases a TKO 600 trans with a twin, McCloud clutch and treated gears. Forgeline 20 x 18 wheels adorn the pro-tour convertible, and the super-smooth Chevelle body is covered with a nice shade of Dodge Viper, graphite paint, with all of the car’s paint and bodywork, including the hood and front spoiler, being completed by John’s Autobody & Paint of Imperial, Missouri.

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Pro-touring cars are all about that place where classic style meets modern tech; with that in mind, Greg Cullum and his ’69 Chevelle have just raised the bar one notch higher!


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