Gorgeous 1970 Camaro Pro Tourer For Sale On ebay

It seems like every week there is yet another incredible car up for sale, and this week we’ve got two – the Plymouth Satellite from this ad and the unbelievable Camaro seen here. We’ve always been partial to the split-bumper cars and the miles-deep paint on this one drew us right in, and to find out it has 600 horsepower of stroked LSX and a six-speed sealed it.

Wilwood brakes at all four corners, a set of three-piece, 19- and 20-inch Fesler wheels rolling on Michelins and a suspension controlled by Bilstein coil-overs keeps things under control in the corners. There are lots of quality parts on this car and from every photo in the ad it appears to be the real deal.

One thing that we’re not real sure about, though. Don’t you think that in the world of expensive custom cars the sale is handled by a broker or dealership of some sort, not by a private seller as listed in this particular ad? It would be quite tough to hand over $125 Large to some random dude in Miami for a car without some sort of guarantee. Then again maybe people who move around in that rarefied air handle things differently.

High quality parts and lots of custom touches on this car - check out the ebay ad for more.

According to the ad there is $150,000 invested in the car’s creation, so it appears that a loss is being taken if it’s purchased at the listed price. Maybe he lost his storage, or is in the middle of a messy divorce? Then again, maybe the seller just doesn’t want to pay any sort of commission. We could speculate all day, but that still won’t make us enough money to handle the down payment on a killer car like this.

Regardless of the reason for the sale, if someone’s got the coin to buy it, they’ll be getting a car that appears to be worth the expense. Maybe not in “real dollars”, but in terms of having an awesome car like this now without having to wait two or three years to have one built. You can be cruising by St. Patrick’s Day if you act now.

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