Gen V Small Block: GM Promises Leaner and Meaner V8’s

Well, it looks like the LS9 might be the last of a breed, as GM looks to move V8's to high technology, high compression, and high efficiency. Photo: GM

Well LSX fans, this is a day that we all knew would come. GM has announced its official plans for the fifth generation of the small block Chevy which they say will be smaller and more efficient, and perhaps even more powerful than the Gen III and IV small block LSX’s we all know and love.

GM officially announced its plans for the Gen V at the Wixom Performance Build Center, as the final bolts on the monumental LS9 representing the 100 Millionth Chevy small block were tightened. In the official news release on GM’s Media website, they tell us that the Gen V will build off of the small block’s legacy with a more refined and efficient approach.

We aren’t surprised, and you probably aren’t either, at the amount of emphasis being placed on fuel efficiency with the Gen V, but GM is still promising performance to go along with it. The engine will feature the same 4.4-inch bore centers that every small block Chevy shares in common, but will also utilize direct port fuel injection in combination with high compression ratios to achieve both better performance and fuel efficiency. (Well, looks like there won’t be any carburetor conversions going on with the Gen V…)

“The Gen-V small block is an all-new, state-of-the-art engine family that will offer more efficiency and refinement than any other small block in its more than half-century of production. For customers, that will mean cars and trucks that deliver more while using less gas to do it.” said Jordan Lee, chief engineer.

The future is here Chevy fans. Stay tuned for more info on the Gen V in the coming weeks.

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