Forgeline Sponsoring the American Street Car Series for 2012

The pro-touring scene is growing rapidly with events popping up all over the country. With events involving muscle cars turned autocross beasts, performance is the key. That’s why when the new touring-based American Street Car Series (ASCS) was announced, Forgeline jumped on board, becoming a major sponsor for 2012. As we found out from their Facebook page, Forgeline is excited to be involved with the new series.

The ASCS is brand new. As the collaboration of three avid pro-touring enthusiasts, Bill Howell, Yancy Johns and Brian Finch, the series strives to provide family-friendly events where pro-touring enthusiasts can come together and just enjoy their cars.

Created for the 2012 season, the series encompasses Run Through the Hills in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee; Run to the Coast in Irvine, California; Run to Music City in Nashville, Tennessee; and Run to the Shore in Millville, New Jersey. Howell put together the Run Through the Hills event back in 2005 and continued his passion by creating the Run to the Shore event in 2011. Johns helped Howell come up with the Run to the Coast event in 2010 and Finch helped create Run to Music City in 2011. According to their website, the ASCS plans to continue these runs as well as hold events in Texas, South Carolina and possibly other venues this coming year.

Helping kick off the new ASCS, Forgeline is proud to be one of the major sponsors for the 2012 season. Back when Howell was building his first pro-touring car, Howell insisted on having a set of Forgeline wheels for it. With top-notch alloy wheels that not only look good, but hold up to the pressures of high-performance vehicles, we don’t blame him for choosing them over other wheel companies.

The ASCS kicks off their season on February 17th at the Run for the Alamo in San Marcos, Texas. Be sure to stop by and say hi to the Forgeline guys and check out some of the amazing wheels they’re sure to have on display at this event and ones in the future.

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