For Sale: Vic Edelbrock’s Personal E-Force Supercharged C6 Z06

If you’re in the market for a nice used C6 Z06, here’s a deal that’s pretty hard to pass up for many, many reasons. The very first of which is that since it was new, this 2006 Z06 has faithfully served as the personal daily driver of one of the most iconic names in the history of automotive performance; Mr. Vic Edelbrock Jr. himself. The Z06 was delivered to Mr. Edelbrock through the National Corvette Museum, and has been garaged and meticulously cared for, just as you would expect. It was even one of the featured “Long Haulers” on the 2011 Hot Rod Power Tour with Mr. Edelbrock piloting it the entire trip.

Now, just because this car is in immaculate condition doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a healthy dose of aftermarket get-up-and-go under the hood. I mean come on – this thing belonged to Vic Edelbrock, a man with unlimited access to some of the best speed parts out there – of course he souped it up a little. The second reason you should buy this Vette becomes apparent as soon as you pop the Z06’s hood, where you’ll find one of Edelbrock’s awesome bolt-on E-Force Supercharger kits for the Z06, which “boosts” the output of the LS7 to 657 horsepower and 582 pound feet of torque.

If that’s not enough to sell you on this car (which it ought to be), then maybe the price will convince you to get the bank on the phone ASAP. Edelbrock is asking just $45,000 for this 20,000 mile supercharged beast with star-power to boot. Someone had better grab it quick before we convince one of our relatives to lend us the money.

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Clifton Klaverweiden

Clifton has been a car fanatic since his late teens, when he started the restoration of his '67 Camaro. He considers himself a student of automotive science and technology, and particularly loves all things LSX. And, although he has an appreciation for everything, from imports to exotics, his true passion will always be for GM musclecars.
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