For Sale Find: 500 HP LS1 ’68 Firebird and Car Trailer, For Cheap!

Here’s a pretty sweet deal that would be a great way to get into the LSX Challenge Series (or drag racing in general) on the cheap. This LS1 powered 1st gen Firebird comes with a host of drag racing goodies and a 28-foot enclosed car trailer to boot. The best part? You could own both for less than $10,000.

We came across the Firebird and trailer listed for sale on by owner, Shawn MacAnanny from Felton, Delaware, not far from Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. The Firebird itself is pretty rough, but it does come equipped with an LS1 from a 2000 Camaro that’s been upgraded with a decent sized 236/236 cam from COMP, an Edelbrock Victor Jr. EFI intake, Moroso’s swap oil pan, and a set of Hooker long-tube swap headers. A beefed up D&D T56 transfers power to an 8.5” 10 bolt with 4.56 gears, and a set of Mickey Thompson ET Street Radials get the grunt to the ground.

Sounds good right? Well, there is a bit of a catch: the car currently isn’t running and needs the EFI system completed. But that should be a minor consideration for resourceful folks like yourselves, especially considering that for the $9,000 asking price you also get a 2006 Continental Cargo trailer. In the for sale thread MacAnanny says, “It couldnt be easier, drive in with a truck and tow them both home!” Check out the for sale thread for MacAnanny’s contact info if you’re interested.

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Clifton Klaverweiden

Clifton has been a car fanatic since his late teens, when he started the restoration of his '67 Camaro. He considers himself a student of automotive science and technology, and particularly loves all things LSX. And, although he has an appreciation for everything, from imports to exotics, his true passion will always be for GM musclecars.
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