Edmunds Inside Line Tests the SLP ZL1 Camaro

The 2012 ZL1 is set to be the most powerful factory Camaro yet to hit the market. But can the ‘12 ZL1 out shadow the SLP ZL1 Camaro? Edmunds Inside Line votes no. Recently, the company tested the SLP ZL1 and based on their findings, it is the ultimate Camaro.

According to Edmunds, SLP Performance owns the rights to the ZL1 name until December 31st of this year. To make the most of their ownership of the name, SLP is making 69 SLP ZL1 Camaros. These Camaros are tribute cars to the 69 ZL1 Camaros that were made by Chevrolet in 1969. Unlike the 2012 Chevrolet version, the SLP ZL1 Camaro is equipped with an all-aluminum 427 CI V8 engine – a tribute to the engines put in the 1969s. These engines are not factory Chevrolet big-blocks, however. They are actually SLP-assembled LS7 variations of the engines used in track-ready Z06s.

In addition to its all-aluminum components, the SLP sports an Eaton TVS 2300 blower, SLP Blackwing air-induction system, SLP headers and custom exhaust system. With all this added muscle, the SLP ZL1 is said to be pushing 750 horsepower. On a dyno test done by Edmunds Inside Line, the SLP ZL1 proved to have 617 horsepower and 610 pound feet of peak torque at the wheels.

Besides its beefed up all-aluminum engine, the SLP ZL1 has a Tremec six-speed manual transmission with SLP short-throw shifter, Brembo brakes and Michelin Pilot Sport tires. A special front fascia, carbon-fiber hood, blacked-out rear tail panel and other carbon-fiber details distinguish the SLP from any other Camaro or even the upcoming factory ZL1.

If you’re looking to own one of these short-run SLP ZL1s, you’ll have to cough up in excess of $112,000 for the stock Camaro SS and the SLP ZL1 modifications. While this is a bit more than the 2012 ZL1 is slated to run, SLP definitely makes their version of the ultimate Camaro well worth the money. Check out Edmunds Inside Line for the full test of this impressive muscle machine.

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