Video: Edelbrock Supercharger – Add 109HP To Late-Model GM Trucks

We’re sure you’re already well aware of the Edelbrock name. Essentially, the group needs almost no introduction. Edelbrocks history in the hot rodding scene is rich and spans nearly eighty years of developing and researching countless parts, components and defining the gearhead subculture as a true lifestyle. These days, Edelbrock is still pumping out the traditional small- and big-block manifolds, which helped put them on the map. However, they’ve upped the ante with complete crate engines, dyno services and even their own brand of supercharger systems for early or late-model Chevy vehicles.

Now, however, Edelbrock is continuing to push the performance market with an all-new supercharger system for late-model GM trucks. While doesn’t usually tap into the late-model crowd, we felt we’d be doing a disservice to our truck owners out there. Truck owners know that having enough available power to haul or tow a load can become a critical asset.

Whether you’re entering a steep grade and need to maintain speed safely or have an emergency maneuver and need an instant surge of power, adding some extra squeeze for all that suck and bang can increase a trucks overall utilitarian effect.

Besides, what better way to add  additional power to to your late-model truck than with an E-Force supercharger. Touching on some proven technology, Edelbrock’s new system utilizes the same Eaton Twin Vortices Series (TVS) Gen VI rotors, which are incidentally found in the ultra-fast ZR1 Corvette. Coincidence? We think not.

Edelbrock also manages a unique means of intergrating the intake manifold, with 12-inch long runners for increase in low-end twist, and a seamless design into the suerpchrager. Ultimately, this means the actual supercharger and manifold maintain itself as one unit. Furthermore, it makes install a breeze. Air is kept cool via dual, high capacity, air to water intercoolers and a full face, low temp, heat exchanger.

What’s more, the entire system is 50-state emissions legal and will work with all OEM emissions equipment (E.O. Number pending). Of course, Edelbrock adds everything you’ll need to finish the installation. Edelbrock provides the supercharger/manifold assembly, air-to-air intercooler and the handheld flash programmer to reflash and tune the factory ECU. Not stopping there, Edelbrock is making two different levels of powertrain warranty’s available as well. These include a 3-year/36,000 mile or a 5-year/100,000 mile warranty, which offers up $19,000 of coverage. We’ve gone ahead and included all of the most important details, below.

Available Applications Part#

  • 2009-11 GM Trucks with LS engine (6.2L) 1579
  • 2009-11 GM Trucks with LS engine (6.2L) without tuner 15790

Features Include:

  • Increases performance to around 512 horsepower and 546 ft-lbs. torque.
  • Features Eaton Gen VI TVS 2300 rotor assembly.
  • Unique intake manifold design with 12-inch long runners for increased low-end torque.
  • 100,000 mile self-contained oiling system.
  • Complete system includes supercharger/intake assembly, air-to-water intercooler and flash tuner with proper calibration.
  • Optional powertrain warranties available – up to 5-Year/100,000 mile and $19,000 of coverage.
  • Made in USA for absolute quality and performance.
  • 50 State Emissions Legal (E.O. Number Pending).
  • Retail priced at $6,595.87 (#1579) and $6,115.87 (#15790).


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