eBay Find Of The Day: ’78 Malibu Wagon “SS.”

Unless we were actually selling a hearse, we wouldn’t shoot a car in front of a cemetery. Images: eBay Motors

You gotta love eBay. It gives gearheads from all over the world the opportunity to peddle anything from original LS-6 blocks to NOS fender emblems for you classic musclecar. You can even sell your ’69 Yenko Camaro too, but we recommend buying with caution. It could be a fake. Like this ’78 Malibu “SS” station wagon we just found on the popular auction site.

The Malibu is powered by a 350 of unknown origins.

Chevrolet only produced a Malibu SS wagon in 1973, and being that not many people were weird enough to order one, there aren’t really any around today. Given that fact, there’s no need to go looking for a build sheet to verify the authenticity on this one. This car reminds us of the ’76 Malibu “Yenko” we featured a couple of months back, although it’s not really as cheesy.

This particular Malibu was built with some interesting options however; it left the factory with a 4-speed and air-conditioning, but no radio. There’s a Baldwin Chevrolet decal on the rear of the car, but the seller, whose owned the car for eight years, has no way of knowing if it was actually sold through the famed dealership. Under the hood, you’ll catch a glimpse of a chromed-out 350ci. small block of unknown origins and specs.

This car is the automotive equivalent of a mullet; business up front, party in the back.

The wagon has several modifications including; a Hurst shifter, dual/dual exhaust tips from a second-generation Firebird, and “SS” emblems from a fourth-generation Camaro. Rollers are a set of Ralley wheels from an earlier Chevy model. The whole car appears to be really clean, and despite that fact it’s pretty geeky right now, it offers the buyer a lot of potential.

We just can’t get passed the price. Evidently, the seller is quite fond of this car, and the reserve price is $12,000. We were thinking more along the lines of $5,000 for his troubles. All ribbing aside, this car would make a cool street/strip car, and since the pro-touring crowd shows no prejudice to anything we wouldn’t be surprised if the new buyer went that route.

Despite its SS badging and “Hurst Equipped” emblems, the Malibu does little to strike fear into the eyes of would-be competitors.

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