eBay Find of The Day: ’67 Chevrolet Nova Deuce Gasser

Just in time to catch the Gasser-hot-rodding trend, this ’67 Nova Duece (a/k/a “Chevy II”) gasser is for sale on eBay, with an $18,000 bid.

Gassers have not had the respect of mainstream hot rodding. They’re not as shiny, they don’t have chromed frames nor rotate slowly on $30,000 mirrored platforms with tires that have never hit the ground. Some of them have (“gasp!”) holes drilled in to strange places to lose weight. And unfortunately some people just cannot get over that nose-high stance.

But Gassers are arguably part of the back-bone of hot rodding, at least the baddest of the bad boy racer part. The Gassers were hot rodded all the way down actual drag strips; they weren’t just street cars built to look like drag cars.

Real gassers were actually fast, and this one seems to have met that criteria, with 350 cu. in. 4-bolt main motor and 30/30 Comp Cam, fender well headers, Flowmasters, Manual Tremec 5 spd. and Ford Positrac rear-end with 4:10 gears.

He doesn’t say what his drag times are, but he says it was built primarily for the street, ready for the track. And this is probably the way you’d want it. A true Gasser is difficult to drive on the street. This one is a modern “re-creation” (built in 2010) with modern goodies, like an Optima battery and new wiring harness.

Although the “classic” Gasser was mid-50’s, not ’67 Dueces, and this description does not mention classic Gasser elements like parallel leaf springs and hood scoops, the Duece was one of the most feared street muscle cars and this one looks ready to munch anything else, even if it’s not a true Gasser. If you’re driving this on the street, that would be just perfect, especially if Gassers take off in the market like they did on the track.

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