eBay Find: An E-Type Jaguar With A Blown Big-Block

When Jaguar introduced their sporty and small E-Type in 1961, one of their main competitors said of the sports car that it was the most beautiful ever made. That competitor was Ferrari, and the author of that declaration was none other than Mr. Enzo Ferrari himself.

The E-Type, or XKE was certainly a fine sports car of the era. Even Jan and Dean sang in the ’60s of racing an XKE in a Corvette Stingray, though neither of the song singing drag racers could’ve possibly imagined what that notorious race down “Dead Man’s Curve” would’ve been like if the two sports car would’ve swapped motors.

Not only does our eBay find of the day imagine it but it nearly makes the thought into a reality, but with far more displacement. Our find of the day comes from Jalopnik, who brings to us the ultimate Euro roadster big-block hybrid. What started as a 1968 E-Type is now a 500 cube motor stuffed Jaguar that has bitten off much more than it can chew.

That’s because the red E-Type’s rear has been modified to receive a blown, Cadillac big-block where the Jag’s trunk once resided. The headlights are from an ’04 Taurus, and Jalopnik’s Tom Joslin bemoans the Chevy powered Jag’s rear mods and front facelift,

“The result is a strange custom Jaguar that we don’t know what to think of. On one hand we dislike the body changes–especially the rear wing–and the weird look the wide Caddy driveline gives the whole car.”

Though strange a find it may be, our eBay E-Type is a cool build. Tom Joslin even acknowledges the genius behind the British sportster’s ’74 Eldorado, big-block swap,

“…Any formerly wrecked E-[T]type with a blown 500ci V8 in the trunk is so weird it almost has to be cool.”

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