eBay: ’57 Nickey Chevrolet Gasser- Legit or Unrealistically Hopeful?

Ever since its beginning in 1995, eBay has been a major resource for automotive enthusiasts, providing a direct line from buyers to project cars, performance components, memorabilia and hard to find original parts. So where better to look for the perfect vehicle for the growing sport of nostalgic drag racing than the expansive auction site? While it may not seem like the go-to choice for “gassers,” we found out from Sports Car Digest that buyers can not only find what they’re looking for on eBay, but might get a few welcome surprises in the process, like the ‘57 Chevy B Gasser reportedly built by Nickey Chevrolet that recently crossed the auction site.

Nickey Chevrolet was one of the biggest names in muscle car performance in the 1960s and 70s. Based in Chicago, Illinois, the company ruled the pavement with the likes of Yenko Chevrolet and Baldwin-Motion, giving customers classic Chevy models with monstrous big-block engines. According to the eBay lot information, the ‘57 B Gasser is the creation of that very Nickey Chevrolet, or at least of a Nickey mechanic that built the car back in 1962.

Fitting of its form, the car is equipped with its original gasser upgraded 397cui Pontiac engine with twin barrel carburetors, high lift Crower roller camshaft, high dome pistons and a Paxton supercharger. The engine was moved back 18 inches with a new firewall created using a Firestone sign, making plenty of room for a 3-gallon gas tank mounted under the nose of the car.

The Chevy also boasts a Oldsmobile rear end, 4.56 rear gears, four-speed Hydromatic transmission, hand-made headers and a fiberglass nose. Fittingly, the nostalgic racer is finished in bright orange with Nickey and “Shake Rattle N Roll” signage on the body.

Whether or not this car was built and raced originally by Nickey Chevrolet is unverified, and this is not the iconic “Shake Rattle & Run” gasser so many people are familiar with, although word has it that this gasser could be the laters little sister. If it is truly a Nickey creation, the drag racer could be worth some serious money, but if not, it’s a good story to tell. Either way, this nostalgic Chevy gasser would be a true delight to drive on the track.

As if it couldn’t get any better, the gasser was listed on eBay as coming with its own custom ‘84 Chevy car hauler, complete with a rebuilt 350cui V8, four-speed transmission and new rear deck.

Unfortunately for the seller, the pair of Chevys didn’t spark much interest, not getting a single bid over the $19,995 starting price. With such a low starting bid set, it makes us think that the car either really isn’t a Nickey creation or the seller is just really motivated to sell. Either way, we’re pretty sure the seller would be willing to talk price if you were interested in this unique racer combination, even though the lot has since lapsed. This may just be your golden opportunity to buy the ultimate nostalgic gasser!

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