Do You Know all There Is To Know About EFI? FAST Courses Can Help

maxresdefaultIf you’re like most automotive enthusiasts, the thought of working with EFI might not send shivvers up your spine, but it does come with an air of mysteriousness. To help enthusiasts get over their aversion to electronic fuel squirting, the folks at FAST invite you to attend one of their EFI courses. These highly popular fuel injection training programs include courses that are tailored to the participant’s experience level.

EFI Fundamentals 101

This is a course for anyone that is considering the inclusion of EFI on their previously carbureted engine. During this course, instructors will teach basic terminology, the components that make EFI, installation fundamentals, and show live demonstrations of both the EZ-EFI and XFI systems. This is not just a book reading course, as participants will have the opportunity to practice setting up and troubleshooting each system.

969-FAST XFI 101 At PRI

Each course is limited to 12 participants.

Intro to XFI 201

If you have a basic knowledge of EFI and the fundamentals class is information you already know, then the Intro to XFI 201 course might be for you. To attend this class, you must have either completed EFI Fundamentals 101, or have equivalent EFI experience with any brand. This course revolves around the XFI Sportsman Engine Management System to show participants the best installation practices, system setup, and tuning processes by engaging in hands-on experience.

Advanced XFI Tuning 301

If you have completed both of the aforementioned courses, then this is your next course. This is the most advanced training that FAST offers, and is designed for racers and tuners who are familiar with the XFI system.  This course covers wiring theories, ignition strategies, boost and nitrous controls, staging controls, Intelligent Traction Control, and dynamic power management.

FAST Ignition Basics 101

Their is also a FAST course to give insight to those interested in learning more about ignition systems. That is where FAST Ignition Basics 101 comes in. This course is designed to give direction in the fundamentals of performance ignitions, like key components and the do’s and don’ts of installation. Some live demonstration and troubleshooting exercises are incorporated.


Each course is held at the CPG Training Academy in Memphis, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Don’t wait to sign up though, as each course is limited to only 12 participants. Registration is $50 for each 101-level course, $100 for the 201 level, and $500 for the 301-level course. Each participant will not only gain the knowledge they need from each course, but they will also receive a product certificate with a value double their registration fee that is good toward any FAST EFI system or ignition box purchase that is made within 12 months of taking the course. A certificate of completion, training manual, digital copy of the presentation, and goodie bags are also provided upon completion.

For a schedule of upcoming classes, click here, and then make plans to register by contacting Tammy Holland at (901) 375-3451 or by emailing

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