Del Ushenko of Delmo Speed and Kustom is best known for his work with 60’s C-10 Chevy trucks. Having loved the bow tie hauler since childhood, he’s turned that passion for pickups into a thriving business. That’s not only what he builds though as his shop is also known for handling traditional rods and customs as well.

We recently came across this mid-50’s build named Heisenber on the Porterbuilt Fabrication Facebook page. This beast features a full Porterbuilt suspension combined with AccuAir components to create the perfect low truck stance. We came across multiple build pictures highlighting some of the details of the suspension and frame changes that made the transformation possible.

The front end uses Porterbuilt’s drop member system to get everything pretty much as low as you can and still be able to drive the truck on the street. The rear has a big fat C-notch, and AccuAir bags provide the vertical motivation at all four corners. Ushenko has pointed out in the past that with modern suspension technology you can get a truck pretty low these days and still have it comfortable enough to take on a cross country road trip.

Under the hood the drivetrain is all late-model, utilizing a mild LS engine backed up with a 4L60 transmission to make freeway cruising a cinch. Feeding the engine is a stainless steel fuel cell mounted in the rear. Four wheel discs at all four corners will aide in stopping the truck as well.

The paint colors look as though they came from the factory, suede gray is the primary color, while the roof is done in white. Trim has been kept to a minimum although the exterior door handles remain. No Delmo truck build would be complete without those signature smoothie wheels as well. Of course the stance is deep with the truck sitting lower than it has any right to. We’d love to take this thing down the road for a Friday night cruise.

Having moved to California from Canada years ago Ushenko is living out his dream, building cool cars and his favorite trucks for customers. Looking forward to coming to work everyday and getting to do what you love makes life a little easier.