Dealership Selling Wrecked 2012 Camaro ZL1 For $50,000

How much would you pay for a wrecked 2012 Camaro ZL1? Well, if you answered more than $50,000, you might be in luck. As we found out from a thread on, a Virginia Chevrolet dealership has a brand new ZL1 on its hands with just 11 miles on it that was involved in some sort of mishap that tweaked the suspension, chewed up the wheels and tires, deployed the airbags, and damaged the front splitter and rockers. But regardless of the damage, Camaro5 forum members have found the dealership less than willing to drop the price much lower than MSRP.

The ZL1 is currently being offered for sale at Lindsay Chevrolet in Woodbridge, VA. According to Camaro5, the car had already been sold with a deposit put down when the car was unloaded by the dealership, disappeared for some time and then came back the next day with just 11 miles on the odometer and pretty substantial damage. So now the original buyer doesn’t want the car, prompting the dealership to sell the Camaro as-is for $50,000, or for MSRP plus the premium after the car is fixed by the dealership.

According to the current listing for this ZL1’s VIN on the Lindsay Chevrolet website, MSRP for this particular car is $59,289 with the full price of the Camaro still listed at $69,289.

We may never know the real story of what happened to this car, but whatever went down in those 11 miles was enough to make the wheels all face different directions, the rims to break through the tires and body panels to be damaged.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with someone taking on the headache of a wrecked brand new car for a bargain of a deal. Some people are just that dedicated or talented enough to pull it off and make a great project out of the ordeal. However, to buy a car that has been wrecked to the tune of over $10,000 worth of damages for barely less than MSRP is laughable. If you’re spending $50k plus $10,000 for damage repair, why not buy a ZL1 that hasn’t been wrecked?

So, would you be willing to buy this ZL1 for either $50,000 damaged, or MSRP after it’s fixed knowing it had been wrecked? Or, anyone else see good reason to take note of the VIN and run the other way?

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