Dart University Digs Into Port Volumes With David Vizard

The Dart University, packed with informative tech videos and articles from the knowledgeable folks at Dart Machinery, is back with another great read, and if you haven’t already checked this series out, then you’re truly missing out on a wealth of great – and free – information right at your fingertips that would almost assuredly cost you money to obtain in a bookstore.

The latest in the Dart University Master Series is an editorial piece on port volumes and what one needs to know and why to maximize your cylinder head investment. And to do the lecturing, if you will, on this very topic, Dart has called upon engine research consultant, university lecturer, and world renowned performance tech author David Vizard to explain the results of his port volume tests and further explain the concepts of port volume. Vizard, with over 4,000 magazine articles and 34 books to his credit, plus fifty years of high performance engine building and dyno testing and well over 1,000 race wins using his go-fast technology, is certainly among the authorities on this and virtually any subject.

In This Dart University piece, Vizard begins by introducing the basic understanding of proper port volume, and then proceeds to illustrate that by utilizing a small block Chevy testbed, a 383 Scat cranked stroker sporting a set of Dart’s Platinum cylinder heads. From there, using graphs, charts, and visual comparisons, Vizard accurately provides a better understanding f port volume and how too large of a port decreases the overall velocity, thereby hampering the output.

To learn more about Dart Machinery and to check out their Dart University series, log on to dartheads.com.

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