Daddy Dave Puts Goliath 2.0 On The Bumper In Radial Tire Testing

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Arguably the biggest stage in all of small-tire racing is Duck X Productions’ Lights Out event every spring, and if you’re going to try and run at the front, or even qualify, you’ve gotta’ have your A-game. “Daddy Dave” Comstock knows a thing or two about being at your best, given his ever-present status nat or near the top of “The List” on Discovery Channel’s ‘Street Outlaws’. Now, Comstock is about to take his famous Goliath 2.0 to the big radial tire dance at Lights Out 8 — his debut with the Nova on drag radials, but not his first dance on radials in competition — but not before he put on a little show while testing this weekend at the Darlington Dragway.

Late last season, “Daddy Dave” ditched his 632 cubic-inch Chevy rat motor on nitrous in favor of an SPDC-built mill that used a F-1x blower from ProCharger. This new powerplant was shown on the dyno making well over 2,000 horsepower, so it’s no slouch, for sure. After making the motor change, Comstock decided to bolt on a pair of Mickey Thompson radials and head to Lights Out 8, where he’ll take on the best in the Limited Drag Radial Class.

Video Credit: Flyin BrianBefore he hits the track at South Georgia Motorsports Park, Comstock stopped at the fabled Darlington Dragway in South Carolina to get a feel for the new shoes on Goliath 2.0. As you can see from these videos he found out real quick that all that power on a radial tire will send any car to its back bumper when there’s enough traction available. Check out these videos from Bike Addiction and Flyin Brian’s YouTube channels that show Comstock dragging the bumper and getting an eye-full of the South Carolina skyline.

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