C7 looked nasty with gunmetal metallic wrap and big gold shoes....

Nitto Tire threw a big hootenanny last Saturday at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA for their 2017 Enthusiast Appreciation Day. Corvette Online was there and the Nitto folks showed us a good ‘ol time.

Although an import heavy show, domestic cars were there in force and as the heat sizzled on the blacktop of the stadium parking lot, we canvassed the show looking for Corvettes. We brought yout three of our favorites, all C7s.

Nitto really made a name for itself in the summer performance tire category years ago with the introduction of the NT555 Extreme Performance.

Everyday’s a track day when you drive on the next generation Nitto NT555 G2. With its fierce directional tread pattern, dual continuous center ribs and race-car like compound, it delivers awesome performance, killer dry and wet traction and a longer lasting tread life, all at a great value.

For an encore, Nitto set out to make the ever popular NT555 even better and claims it’s new baby, dubbed NT555 G2, will brake harder, corner faster and stop shorter.

The NT 555 G2 makes sense for all modern ‘Vettes, but are especially great for C4/5 guys who have entered the Corvette scene and need an affordable, no excuse set of tires for street or track.

Hightlights of Nitto NT555 G2

  • Large Tread Blocks Enhanced traction for rear tires of vehicles with staggered fitments and high horsepower. Tire sizes with 275mm and greater section width have larger tread blocks in comparison to tires with 265mm and narrower section width.
  • Large Tapered Blocks
    Increased* grip capabilities & better cornering stability.
  • Circumferential Grooves
    Center grooves and shoulder grooves aid water evacuation and wet handling.
  • Twin Center Ribs
    Increased* dry traction & straight-line stability.
  • Reinforced Shoulder Treadblocks
    Improves dry and wet cornering grip.
  • High Stiffness and Silica Compound
    A special bonding agent increases the interaction between all the compound elements to reinforce bonds for higher compound rigidity during cornering, resulting in better handling capabilities in both wet and dry.

For more info, check out Nitto.com