We’ve all been there. Working on your project car and dealing with a corroded suspension or exhaust nut or bolt. Time to break out the torch, right? HOLD ON. Before you fire up the oxy/acetylene start waving flames all around your engine bay, maybe there’s a safer way to get heat on these frozen fasteners. Check out this cool tool from Induction Innovations.

The Mini Ductor II heats up frozen fasteners without using an open flame.

At last year’s SEMA show we witnessed a cool new tool, the Mini Ductor II, which uses magnetic fields to produce heat. This jewel of a tool centralizes and focuses the heat directly to the target area without flame, so it’s safe to use in any environment. You can feel confident heating up frozen and corroded fasteners near new paint jobs, fuel lines, brake lines or any other sensitive area.

The Mini Ductor II focuses the heat directly on the area within the coil. Notice that the bolt is cool enough on the other end to hold it with bare hands.

The Mini Ductor II also has different attachments that will simplify removing body molding, stress reliving metal with heat or even heating up housings for bearing removal.

Check out the Mini Ductor II demo video here and tell us what you think: