Cookie Monster: Chevy SS Breaks Stock Bottom End Record With 9.70

In the past, we’ve reported on a lot of record breakers. We brought you the fastest stock bottom LS1 in the nation that went 8.94 at 151 mph. We’ve also brought you the fastest stock bottom end Trailblazer SS in the nation. And if there is one thing the LS is good for, it’s going faster than anyone thought possible using stock internals. And now, we have another challenger for the title of quickest and fastest stock bottom end (insert vehicle here) ever and its name is Cookie Monster.

Yes, you heard that right. The guys over at Asylum Motorsports, out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, call this blue beaut’ Cookie Monster. Is it because it is insatiably hungry? Maybe. Is it because the car is painted a similar hue to the lovable childhood character? Definitely. And Asylum took it one step further when they dressed up its owner, Mitch Kramer, in a Cookie Monster suit for what is possibly one of the fastest runs ever on a stock bottom end LS3 in a Chevrolet SS.

But before we get into that, lets talk for a second about just how hard it is to look up the Chevy SS—or any of the records attempted with it—on the interwebs. We knew from the beginning that when The General decided to call their new muscle sedan simply the SS, that we were in trouble. We have a harder time finding vehicle specific threads on the SS than when we search for LT1/4 looking for the Gen V engine (also not the wisest decision in automotive history).

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 5.55.35 PM

Our search history aside, we aren’t 100 percent positive that this is the current record holder (though we’re fairly certain), but we are hoping that you’ll send us videos proving us wrong if we are. What we did find is BigKleib34, a typically reliable source, reporting in this video that the SS seen in it was trying to break into single digits and secure the title of fastest and quickest SS in all the land. While that was back in March of 2016, we couldn’t find any SS that had made single digits—much less on a stock bottom end. That was, until we happened upon the video of Asylum Motorsport’s Cookie Monster busting off a 9.70 at 140 mph! Needless to say, it caught our attention. Turns out this just might end up being the fastest Chevrolet SS of all time when it reaches its final form.

So naturally we put in a call to the guys over at Asylum Motorsports to find out a little more about the beast that sports a “NOMNOMS” license plate. As it turns out, Asylum has just opened their doors and are already creating a stir in the LS world. When we called up Ali Shabani, who co-owns and operates Asylum in conjunction with Justin Covington, we were prepared to hear that this car was a max effort build with a stripped interior and every trick in the book thrown at it. What he told us shocked us a little. The car has its full interior and its mods are far from over the top.

“We definitely wanted a 9-second car,” Ali explained. “We were shooting for around 9.80s and then it surprised us with a 9.70. If we were to really lean out on it a bit more we could probably get it even lower than that, we just didn’t want to take any chances with it before TK2K.”

image2 2

Since the build started with single digits, and TK2K, in mind, the team over at Asylum wasted no time in selecting the car’s go-fast goodies. They chose to fit the SS with a ProCharger to add a little positive atmosphere to the equation. They selected a D-1SC head unit that is stuffing 15 pounds of boost down the stock bottom end LS3’s throat.

To take advantage of all that newly found boost, they added their own custom ground bump stick to the mill. American Racing Headers provided a set of their 2-inch primary headers to help evacuate spent exhaust gases while a set of Injector Dynamics ID850 keep the engine running fat on regular old pump gas. To keep the air fuel mixture as cool as possible and help bring a little octane to the table, the car was fitted with an Alky Control water/meth injection kit. All those upgrades amount to roughly 805 horses at the rear tire.

Backing the potent power plant is a stock, yes that’s right stock, 6L80E spun by a Yank 3600 rpm converter. All that twist is sent outback to the stock rear end and it is channeled through the stock half shafts. The power is then put to the pavement by the stock suspension, which attempts to keep the Mickey Thompson ET Streets firmly planted. Apparently it does a decent job since the SS cut a 1.30 60 foot time on its way to blasting through the quarter mile in just 9.70 seconds are 140 mph.

image1 2

And while that is faster than any stock bottom end LS3 SS has ever been, the guys at Asylum aren’t done yet. They think that this little old LS3 still has a lot left in it.

“We’re gonna see how far we can push the stock bottom end safely,” said Ali. “We log the car ever run and we make adjustments, but right now it is running pretty safe and it has quite a bit more in it if we lean on it a bit harder. Right now, Mitch is just having fun with it. If something does happen to the motor, I’m sure we’ll build it and it will be even faster than before.”

After they are done hurting feelings at TK2K, Ali says they plan to swap the car over to E85 to bump the car’s power up a bit more and to ensure the engine is as protected as realistically possibly while they are pushing into 1,000 rear wheel horsepower territory. We’ll be sure to catch up with the guys at TX2K so stay tuned for more updates on Cookie Monster.

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