Classic Rood Chevys Make Their Mark at Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach

The 1950 and 60s brought about new styles and innovative technology to the Chevrolet brand. As many of you know, this included better suspension systems, brakes and steering, as well as the coming of the original Chevy small block V8. With innovations like these and endless style, there is no question why classic Chevrolets have been cherished as the epitome of the Chevy brand for 50+ years.

While many people share the love for these classic vehicles, few have been able to take their love as far as renowned collector Roger Rood. As we found out from Speed TV, Rood has always had an eye for the classic GM style and has purchased, restored and customized several of his own. Last week, six of Rood’s prized GM’s were auctioned off at the Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach Auction, giving more avid collectors a chance at owning some incredible pieces of automotive history.

There seems to be a color theme here, but not all of the Rood Chevrolet's are so predictable

The Rood collection auctioned off at Barrett-Jackson included a ‘53 3100 pickup, two ‘55 Nomad wagons, a ‘55 custom Bel Air, a ‘58 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham, and a ‘61 Impala “Bubble Top.” While the lowest bid of the bunch, just $27,500, went to the truck, both of the Nomads and the Impala sold for over $100k each.

The Nomad that got the top bid was Rood’s black ‘55 Custom Wagon. This unique vehicle started out as a well-maintained original car but underwent a bit of a makeover back in 2011. With that, everything was refreshed on the vehicle, right down to the nuts and bolts. Under the hood, the Nomad wagon was fitted with a 454cui big block engine which was matted expertly to a Turbo 400 transmission.

The wagon also received a whole new suspension treatment with tubular A-arms in the front and a posi-traction rear with control arms. Coilovers were used on all four corners, as were vented disc brakes.

With style and power like this, who could say no to this custom Nomad Wagon?

To compliment the Nomad’s immaculate body work and “laser straight black paint,” the interior was completed in buckskin for a luxurious feel. Buyers at the Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach Auction saw this car for its incredible beauty and the winning bid rang in at $123,200. The other Nomad wagon, a completely restored and correct vehicle, sold for $106,700.

Although the Chevy Impala Bubble Top was a bit newer than the rest of the Rood collection, its iconic style and heritage shined brightly at the Barrett-Jackson auction. This red-on-red two-door coupe underwent a four-year nut and bolt rotisserie restoration that took over 1,000 hours to complete.

With a complete turn-table restoration, this car is as beautiful on the bottom as it is the top, and inside as it is outside. Barrett-Jackson bidders saw this, increasing the final winning bid to $110,000. We all love classic Chevy’s around here and from the sounds of it, the Rood collection was quite sight to see. With many more Barrett-Jackson auctions coming up this year, we can only hope to see more amazing Chevys like these cross the auction block.

Red-on-red isn't really our thing, but we could look past it with that 409cui V8 under the hood

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