Centerforce’s DYAD Clutch System Makes Troy Borgen’s Camaro A Driver

We got a taste of Borgen’s Camaro in action during the autocross event at the Goodguys Del Mar Nationals.

California local, Troy Borgen is a man who loves his first-gen Camaro. According to Centerforce Clutches, he and his ’69 Camaro are an inseparable car and driver team. That’s because Borgen isn’t afraid to put a few miles on his trick, early Camaro. In fact, Centerforce recently reported that Borgen recently drove the pony from California to their facility in Prescott, Arizona.

However, as Centerforce reports, Borgen’s journey didn’t end in Prescott, Arizona. Leaving from Centerforce, Borgen made the roundtrip back to California to install the new, DYAD twin disc clutch. Not stopping there, Borgen and the Camaro entered the Goodguys Del Mar event the following day after the install. From there, Borgen drove his 1,017HP Camaro some 2,200 miles to back to Wisconsin. It doesn’t stop there either. Borgen is planning a return trip to the West Coast, again! Talk about racking up the miles and working out all the bugs.

The promise behind Centerforce’s DYAD system allows for Troy Borgen’s Camaro to work flawlessly; even under the punishment of quadruple horsepower numbers. The Centerforce twin disc setup is a patent pending design, which is specifically dampened for high-horsepower applications, all while delivering a smooth and quiet operation under normal driving.

Though smooth and quiet the assembly may be, it’s dampened construction is good for a staggering 1,300 pound feet of torque, and a set of ARP fasteners holds the clutch assembly into place.Centerforce’s DYAD clutch also offers superior drive control, as it features lighter pedal resistance, greater longevity and each kit features a specification card for your own information and peace of mind.

That’s not all either. We even caught a glimpse of Borgen’s Camaro in action at the Goodguys Del Mar event on the autocross. Who would of thought this beauty was a cross-country  hauler? It’s proof that Borgen’s Camaro was built to not only look good, but perform as well.


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