Coffee and Cars in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is an event that draws automotive enthusiasts the first Saturday of every month. At the conclusion of the event some attendees opt to put on a bit of a show for the crowds as they head home for the rest of the day, but sometimes things go awry.

YouTube user True Street Racing Society provided an eyewitness account of the folly of the a second generation Camaro driver’s attempt to entertain the crowd. As the driver pulls up to make a right turn to exit the parking lot, he begins to rev the engine and hits the gas as the car makes the turn. Being a little too throttle happy ended up causing this driver to get out of shape and over correction led to the beautiful Camaro crossing into on coming traffic. Once the car pitches sideways, the driver tries to get it under control before it collides with another motorist in Chevrolet Impala.

Photo Courtesy of True Street Racing Society

Unfortunately, the Impala driver appears to have been transporting a small passenger on the way to or from soccer practice. Both drivers exit their vehicles to exchange information and amazingly the Impala driver seems to remain incredibly calm despite the stupidity of the situation.

When drivers attempt to show off as they leave a car meet, it risks their lives and their cherished rides, but it puts others in danger as well. These kinds of antics force law enforcement to get involved and usually result in the cancellation of the gathering. Hearing tires squealing and the exhaust notes of amazing rides is entertaining, but the cheers of the crowd are not worth the potential for damage to countless hours of hard work.