Can You Make a Credible Z28 Out of a Camaro SS? Maybe.

The Z/28 is legendary already

The Gen-V Z28 is already legendary.

The Camaro Z28 is one of the coolest sub-models in the GM performance world right now, and who wouldn’t love to own one? But who’s got $72,305 to spend on one? So instead, you chose to get a Camaro SS. There’s no shame in that — it’s an awesome car! And if nothing else, you can make a pretty credible-looking clone fairly cheap, considering. However, if you want a nearly complete Z28 from scratch, you probably need to learn how to do math. Otherwise, GM parts retailer,, has created an infographic to break down the challenges of building a Z28 from a SS.

Z/28 BadgeSo what are the main differences between the two body styles? We know you’ve been paying attention and already know, but just in case you have been living under a rock for the last couple of years, the main upgrades will get you the tire-melting LS7 engine, several appearance upgrades inside and outside, and a set of Brembo brakes, inside the 19-inch wheels. Finally, an upgraded/beefier drivetrain, and a better suspension designed around DSSV dampers completes the package.

There are some other parts that are special to the Z28, plus it’s about 55 pounds lighter. All of this is worth about a 40-second improvement in lap times around Nurburgring.

Z/28While it’s technically not possible to build a true Z28 from parts available through GM, you can get pretty close. While there are purchasing restrictions on some of the Z28-specific parts–like that sweet Flow-Tie in the grille and a dozen or so other pieces, you can still piece together your own close facsimile, but it’s going to cost you. How much exactly? More than it would if you were to just buy a Z28 to begin with. Once you buy the SS, figure on spending almost another $30k to gather up the Z28 parts that are missing. If you are looking for parts to make one that only looks the part, according to the flyer, you can expect to spend right under $1,600 to put it together. Just don’t try and make it pass if you do — the purist will find you, and we can’t be held responsible for what the do to you!

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