Home-Built Hero: Kevin Pfleger’s First Car, His ’80 Z/28


Kevin says the color is code 79, Red Orange.

Do you still own your first car? Many of us don’t, but just about every one of wishes we did. Then, there are guys like Kevin Pfleger of Minford, Ohio. Kevin has held onto his first car and has even refrained from doing any serious modifications throughout the years, which really makes him unique in the automotive world.

After he read the article we did about another one-owner Camaro, he sent us in a couple of images of not one, but both of his Chevrolet Camaros. “That was a very nice article on the one-owner 1979 Z28. Here is another good story for you. I have a 1980 Z28 that I own, and it has been in my family since November 1979,” Kevin said.

Under the hood, the Camaro is just as the General intended.

He started by telling that his Z28 is mostly original, except for Cooper Cobra tires and new paint job. The Z was painted to original color code 79, Chevrolet Red Orange, which is very close to Hugger. That was way back in 2013.  Kevin was a fortunate young man, as he received the Camaro as a gift. “My parents actually purchased the ‘80 for me when I was 15 years old. It was my first car,” Kevin said. His father passed away in 2005, and to say he still has a very emotional connection with this car is an understatement.

Kevin is now 53 years of age, and as a tribute to his Mother, who is still living, he had the car re-titled back to her name as a thank you for doing this for him so many years ago. “I just wanted to show my ultimate respect for her and dad’s gesture back in the day.”


The acquisition of the IROC Z, surely aided in the ’80 Camaro’s low mileage of 59,000.

While most of these cars have been driven into oblivion, his 1980 Z is only showing a scant 59,000 miles on the odometer. If you break that down, that’s 1,500 miles a year. But, we’re certain that most of those miles were accumulated earlier rather than later in the car’s life. Kevin also tells us that it has been garage kept from day one. In case you’re curious how he kept the miles off the odometer, that’s because, “for some crazy reason, my parents bought me a 1985 IROC for my 21st birthday,” Kevin quipped. Kevin tells us that his family has been a Chevrolet family all his life, and he just thought he would share his story from a little town in Southern Ohio.


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